Mar 24, 2012

#120 Jekyll Island Treasured Recipes Column is UP! Veggie Enchiladas won the poll and new "Fast & Simple" Poll is ready for your vote!

Dear Foodies,
Thank you again to all those who are voting for your favorite recipe on my Cookbook Farm polls. You really are the perfect focus group and I have to say you do know how to pick them!
Your winning recipe "Dorothy's Brunswick Stew" from the Jekyll Island Treasured Recipes " cookbook poll is now on-line at (That is my version in the photo and my, my, my is it perfect!!! You have to try it!) Plus they have a new awesome website that you need to check out while you are there!)
"Dorothy's Brunswick Stew" is an absolutely wonderful recipe (That is two best-in-their-class in a row, if you remember Oprah's 12 layer chocolate cake which was also out-of-this-world from the last column! That is my cake in the cherub photo. I made it 3 times. Easy and flawless all 3 times!) I digress...You can read the Brunswick Stew column, find out about the Sea Turtle organization the cookbook's proceeds benefit and get that recipe by Clicking Here.

Veggie Enchiladas from Good Housekeeping's "One-dish Meals" won the last poll and if you look at the photo you can guess why. I am going to make this recipe this weekend (Already did. You should too!) and I will tell you all about it in my next The Telegraph column on April 4th, 2012. I can't wait to eat the results! (Already did!) ...even if it means I will have to walk a few extra miles this week! (Not yet on the walking:)

The new poll is waiting for its slot on the new cleaner, fresher website. The polls will be added in soon and I will notify you when they are on-line and ready for your voting pleasure.

This week's poll (when it gets on-line) is from “Fast & Simple:100 Everyday Recipes." This featured cookbook is just what every busy cook needs on their shelf. I selected the 10 recipes on this poll because they were short and sounded delicious.
It seems people are liking my Porter's Perfect Pointer's ( simple tips learned while making your favorite winning recipe) in the columns. A short winning recipe will leave me enough room, I always keep the columns to 700 words, to give you some Porter's Perfect Porter cooking tips to help newbie cooks lose their cooking jitters!

The descriptions I wrote for the ten recipes on the poll with photos from the cookbook follow! (I am not sure which photographers took each photo, but Mike Cooper and Lincoln Jefferson were mentioned. The book is published by Parragon Books.)

Chilled Avocado Soup - By now, you all know I have a weakness for a really well-made soup. I love Vichyssoise. I love avocados. How could this not be good? With garlic, veggie stock, and lime juice. Perfect for a summer that seems to already be here!

Farfalle Pasta with Blue Cheese & Ham - Farfalle is also know as bow-tie pasta and this recipe is for hearty eaters. Heated sour cream and mushrooms start the base. I like this recipe because it is one more thing for us to make with left-over ham!

Spinach and Ham Casserole - This dish is so simple I almost hated to add it. In other words, if you can boil water, (to pour over the spinach) you can make this dish. The picture of it is really what sold me on it.

Sweet & Sour Pork - Who would have ever thought this well-loved Asian dish would be included in a sentence with the words “fast and simple?” Red bell peppers, scallions, and canned pineapple are its other main ingredients. The secret is in the sauce!

Peppered Steaks in Whisky Cream Sauce - If this recipe wins, it may be the shortest recipe in Cookbook Farm history, but the simple whiskey sauce seems like a great replacement for those of us tired of BĂ©arnaise. The steak only cooks for 2 minutes!

Lemon & Parsley Crusted Monkfish - Much simpler than the “Potato-Horseradish-Crusted Red Snapper with Roasted Pepper Relish by Bobby Flay” which won a poll in the past. I loved that winner so much I took a chance on this one. Looks beautiful!

Homemade Fish Sticks with Chili Mayonnaise - This recipe is pushing the maximum limit of my short length requirement, but I am hooked on Sweet Chili Sauce right now and who doesn’t like the idea of a home-made fish stick?

Spicy Tuna Fishcakes - Fish obviously is a fast and simple mainstay! These might remind you of salmon croquettes except for the addition of curry into the mix. Only 5 ingredients and served on Arugula. (I say we add the sauce from the fish sticks above!)

White Wine and Honey Dessert - With a photo that resembles a poured pudding dish, the flavors in this sound wonderful. Brandy, white wine, heavy cream and honey. Slivered almonds top their dish, but I bet sliced white grapes would make it scrumptious.

No-bake Chocolate Fudge Cake - This looks rich and dense! The recipe seems so easy I may not be able to wait and see if you select it as your favorite to try it! With coffee, graham crackers, raisins and nuts. Made in a loaf pan by chilling! YUM!!!

P.S. I already made the last one and took it to my Bible study. Everyone who tried it loved it, and it was truly fast and simple. It only chilled 2 hours and was ready to go.

Now that you know so much, you have to vote( as soon as the poll goes up at This poll lasts until midnight Friday, April 20, 2012. You vote. I cook and tell!

Love and cooking,
Carol Porter

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